What is the difference of JIC, JIS, and BS5200

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What is the difference of JIC, JIS, and BS5200

The fittings of JIC, JIS, and BS5200 specifications have external or internal tapered design. JIC (Joint Industry Council) specification was introduced by SAEJ514 / ISO 8434-2 standards. The female and male threads on 37° Flare seat are all produced in accordance to UN/UNF series threads. JIC 37° Flare seat of hydraulic fittings normally used in United States markets. JIS specification is defined by Japanese Industrial Standards. Threads on JIS B8363 30° Flare hydraulic fittings, are manufactured according to the standard BSPP(PF/G). JIC and JIS fittings are not interchangeable as they are aimed for two different tubing connection systems.


BS B5200 60° Cone hydraulic tube fittings are commonly used in European countries. The external and internal threads are produced based on the standard of BSPP(PF/G) male parallel 60° cone seat. The external thread of BS5200 is shorten than JIS and cannot be connected to Female JIS Swivel Fittings.

Specification Difference
Specification Define by
JIC SAE J514 and ISO8434-2
BS5200 BS5200
Sealing Difference
Specification Thread Tapered Design Sealing
JIC UN/UNF 37°Flare Metal sealing
JIS PF/G 30°Flare Metal sealing or O-ring sealing
BS5200 PF/G 60°Cone Metal sealing

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