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CHIBIN can provide samples and product drawings to coordinate with customers for new development.

CHIBIN can provide samples and product drawings to coordinate with customers for new development.

Company Introduction

Your safety, CHIBIN takes care of.

Established back in 1980, CHIBIN has been in the game for 40 years, specializing in tube/pipe fittings. Since day one, we've been the go-to supplier for Formosa Plastics Group, thanks to our top-notch product quality. Our reach extends to over 3000 customers across Taiwan, including national research units and big players like TSMC, China Steel Corporation, TTC, CPC Corporation, and, of course, Formosa Plastics Group.

Our products find homes in diverse industries, ranging from medical, semiconductors, and hot/cold water systems to refining, chemical processing, food processing, pharmaceuticals, instrumentation, and more.

Backed by stellar quality and a solid brand reputation built over decades, we've not just conquered the domestic market but also made a mark internationally. Our products have found their way to the U.S.A., China, Japan, Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, and beyond

1985♦ Transforming into R&D and specializing in difficult stainless metal.
1989♦ Relocating from Renwu to Nanzih District in Kaohsiung.
1995♦ the first large expansion of factory to Dashe Wanjin Industrial zone.
2004♦ Expanded scale, warehouse expansion four time bigger, and up tens of thousands of products.
♦ Releasing new catalog and building website.
2006♦ Full adoption of new mold.
♦ Passed International Standard ISO 9001:2000Certificate.
2009♦ Sample display set up, trading department setting up for expanding overseas markets.
♦ Passed International Standard ISO 9001:2008Certificate.
2011♦ Passed TTQS Talent Quality-management System Certificate.
2015♦ Awarded the bronze medal certification of TTQS Talent development Quality management System.
♦ Won the 4th "SME Leadership Award".
2018♦ Passed the international standard ISO 9001:2015 certification.
♦ New product release, POM Quick Coupling without hand tools for installation.
♦ New development "one touch safety quick coupling" has been patented in Taiwan and China.
2019♦ Awarded TTQS (Talent Quality-management System) for the second time of Bronze Certification.
♦ Won the 19th National Golden Peak Award.
2020♦ 40th Anniversary Celebration and the New Product Launce Conference
♦ Corporation Image Planning and Design Restructuring、Product Packaging Image and Planning Restructuring and Online Media Revamp
2021♦ Won the Taiwan Excellent Trademark Award.
♦ Won the Taiwan Golden Jade Award (Research and Development Excellence Award).
♦ Introduction of Digital Manufacturing Management - Optimizing Industrial Digitization Management.
2022♦ Implement and establish a Digital Manufacturing Management - Visual Management System.
2023♦ Instruction of Digital Manufacturing Management- Green Manufacturing Management Skill.
Processing and Inspection Equipment

CHIBIN's Company Profiles

Selecting CHIBIN as your first fittings supplier is motivated by several compelling reasons.

We offer unparalleled selection and design options to help you achieve seamless pipe and tube connections. Our expansive warehouse stores a comprehensive range of standard stainless steel products in full sizes, ensuring prompt and efficient shipping. With capabilities spanning development, design, production, and assembly, we are dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of our customers.

Excellent Quality

We have maintained a longstanding partnership with the Formosa Group as a dedicated provider.

Reliable Supplier

Our team has provided services to over 3,000 customers and developed a portfolio of up to 10,000 customized products.

Variety of Fittings

A diverse range of stainless steel metal fittings has been extensively prepared and is currently stored in our warehouse.

One-Touch Type-Safety Series is patented with excellent quality management.

The One-Touch Quick Coupling Type-Safety Series is engineered with an auto-locking mechanism to prevent accidental disconnection. Our ongoing commitment to quality upgrades reflects our dedication to delivering the highest standards of products and services to our valued customers.