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Push-in Pneumatic Fittings Installation

How to install Push-in Pneumatic Fittings
Insert thermoplastic tube into fittings

Simply insert the tube into the fitting through the retaining claw and seal until contacting the bottom such that the tube is locked by the retaining claw and hard to be removed.


Trouble shooting

⚫Cut and trim the worm out part of tubes after repeated inserting in and pulling out them; make sure the cutting face is longitudinally vertical and the outer surface ended up without damage or scratch.

⚫ Tube not inserted into place may lead to their air leakage or falling off.

⚫Pay attention to the roundness of the tube outside diameter to prevent poor air tightness.

Tube not inserted into soft tube

the round surface of the thermoplastic tube

⚫DO NOT subject push-in fittings to external forces (including bending, twisting, pulling), pulling) as this may result in their damage or air leakage.

push-in air fittings

Push-in Pneumatic Fittings Installation - Over 40 Years Tube/Pipe Fittings for Medical & Semiconductor Industry Manufacturer | CHIBIN Machine Co., Ltd.

Based in Taiwan since 1980, CHIBIN Machine Co., Ltd. has been a stainless steel pipe fittings manufacturer. Their main pipe and tube fitting products, include tube fittings, compression fittings, rapid pneumatic fittings, push-in pneumatic fittings, hydraulic fittings, high pressure pipe fittings, quick couplings, nozzle and needle valves, which are specialized in medical and semiconductor sectors.

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