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JIC 37-degree Flare Fitting, JIS 30-degree Flare Fitting, BS5200 60-degree Cone Fitting, Swivel Fittings, Crimp Hose Fittings / CHIBIN Machine Co., Ltd. was established in 1980 and has been the first leading company committed to producing stainless steel fittings in Taiwan.

The photo of stainless steel Hydraulic Fittings shows JIC 37-degree Swivel Union, BS5200 60-degree Cone Male Connector (PF thread x PT/NPT), and JIC 37-degree Flare Weld End Connector, JIC 37-degree Flare Male Elbow.

Hydraulic Fittings

JIC 37-degree Flare Fitting, JIS 30-degree Flare Fitting, BS5200 60-degree Cone Fitting, Swivel Fittings, Crimp Hose Fittings

JIC fittings and JIS fittings work great for linking up hydraulic fluids, gases, chemical processing setups, instrumentation, hefty machinery, farming gear, and turning machines. At CHIBIN, our hydraulic fittings meet global standards like JIS, JIC, and BS5200. Plus, they're more streamlined. Drop us a line if you need everything to align with international specs.

Crimping hose fittings are ideal for moving hydraulic power or piping for water, gas, and oil.

When it comes to sealing, hydraulic fittings, hydraulic swivel fittings, and crimping hose fittings don't rely on O-rings. Instead, their metal-to-metal sealing method delivers top-notch performance, handling high pressure with ease and making installation a breeze. They're versatile and find applications across various industries.

Hydraulic hose fittings are designed to utilize the outer or inner flare (or cone) angles to establish a leak-free connection. These precision-designed angles create a secure seal, effectively containing hydraulic fluid and optimizing fluid transmission under high pressure in hydraulic systems.

Stainless steel hydraulic fittings are widely used in hydraulic power systems, fuel delivery and fluid power systems, heavy machinery industries such as agricultural and construction equipment, the oil and gas industry, plumbing applications, and factory applications like assembly lines, presses, and robotics. Our hydraulic fittings include JIC 37° Flare, JIC 37° Swivel, JIS 30° Flare, BS5200 60° Cone, BS5200 60° Cone Swivel, crimp hose fittings, and other unlisted hydraulic products, for example: Reusable Fittings Male JIC 37° and Reusable Fittings Female JIC 37° Swivel.

JIC 37° Flare fittings are in accordance with SAE J514 (ISO 8434-2) with a straight thread (UN/UNF). JIS 30° Flare fittings are in accordance with JIS B8363 with a parallel thread (also call G thread). BS5200 60° Cone fittings have an internal taper seat with a straight thread (G thread).

Hydraulic straight fittings are made from stainless bar stock. Elbows and Tees are made from stainless forgings. Hydraulic fittings adopt the metal to metal sealing of taper design to reach crack resistance without consideration to the fluid and temperature. Flared fitting with O-ring groove design is also available. After adding O-ring design on the taper, JIC 37° Flare fittings will have much better air tightness and make future maintenance more worry-free.

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Hydraulic Fittings

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Hydraulic Fittings - JIC 37-degree Flare Fitting, JIS 30-degree Flare Fitting, BS5200 60-degree Cone Fitting, Swivel Fittings, Crimp Hose Fittings | Stainless Steel Fittings for Medical and Semiconductor Sectors Manufacturer | CHIBIN Machine Co., Ltd.

Based in Taiwan since 1980, CHIBIN Machine Co., Ltd. has been a stainless steel pipe fittings manufacturer. Their main pipe and tube fitting products, include Hydraulic Fittings, tube fittings, compression fittings, rapid pneumatic fittings, push-in pneumatic fittings, hydraulic fittings, high pressure pipe fittings, quick couplings, nozzle and needle valves, which are specialized in medical and semiconductor sectors.

We have fourteen categories of standard products which have been highly recommended by the customers. Especially tube fittings, quick couplings and push-in pneumatic fittings are with international competitiveness and many foreign buyers continuously place orders. Pipe Fittings that are ISO certified and TTQS awarded. Internal standards using random inspection based on the U.S. military MIL-STD-105E specifications. More than 10,000pcs of standard products are in ready stock. Custom products are up to 3,000pcs. CHIBIN Machine provides one-stop service in developing, designing, manufacturing, and assembling, as well as custom solutions to achieve high standards from worldwide clients.

CHIBIN Machine has been offering customers high-quality pipe and tube fittings since 1980, both with advanced technology and 43 years of experience, CHIBIN Machine sures each customer's demands are met.