The reason to select CHIBIN to be your first fittings supplier

We provide the best selection and design to you to achieve every pipe/tube connection! Full sizes of standard products in stainless steel are massively stored in our warehouse to ship just in time. We feature the function of development, design, production, assembly to meet customer's needs.

Excellent Quality

We have been being a long-term provider with Formosa group.

Reliable Supplier

Our team have been servicing more than 3000 customers and developed up to 10000 customize products.

Variety of Fittings

A variety of metal fittings in stainless steel have been massively prepared and stored in our warehouse.

Hot Product

Tube Fittings Hot

Tube Fittings

Tube Fittings Series has imperial units and metric units specification to connect tubes.

Safety Quick Coupling Hot

Safety Quick Coupling

Automatic lock and one hand operation of one-way shutoff quick couplings.

Quick Coupling (Nylon) Hot

Quick Coupling (Nylon)

Durability of One-Way Shutoff Quick Coupling in nylon up to 3 years.