One-Way Shutoff Quick Couplings

Air Quick Coupling / CHIBIN is a manufacturer of stainless pipe fittings and provide one-stop service from sample, design, manufacturing, inspecting and also custom products.

One Touch Safety Quick Couplings

One Touch Safety Quick Couplings

One-Way Shutoff Quick Couplings (one touch type and safety series) feature safety function and one touch connection.

Push-in Pneumatic Fittings

Push-in Pneumatic Fittings

Push-in Pneumatic Fittings include stainless Speed Controller.


40-Year One-Way Shutoff Quick Couplings Manufacturer - CHIBIN Machine

Based in Taiwan, CHIBIN Machine Co., Ltd., since 1980, is a One-Way Shutoff Quick Couplings | stainless steel pipe fittings supplier. Specialized in medical and semiconductor industries and the main products, including tube fitting, compression fitting, rapid pneumatic fitting, push-in pneumatic fitting, hydraulic fitting, high pressure pipe fitting, quick coupling, nozzle, needle valve, etc.

Pipe Fittings that are ISO certified and TTQS awarded. Internal standards using random inspection based on the U.S. military MIL-STD-105E specifications. More than 10,000pcs of standard products are in ready stock. Custom products are up to 3,000pcs. CHIBIN Machine provides one-stop service in developing, designing, manufacturing, and assembling, as well as custom solutions to achieve high standards from worldwide clients.

CHIBIN Machine has been offering customers high-quality pipe and tube fittings since 1980, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, CHIBIN Machine sures each customer's demands are met.

One-Way Shutoff Quick Couplings

Air Quick Coupling

A shutoff valve in the socket to prevent fluid loss.
A shutoff valve in the socket to prevent fluid loss.


One-way shutoff quick couplings are one-way shutoff valve in the sockets (female) and unvalved plugs (male). The socket is composed of NBR or Viton o-ring and stainless-steel ball to reach excellent air tightness, corrosive resistance and provides a reliable connection of locking mechanism.

CHIBIN one-way shutoff quick couplings are recommended to use in air compressors, air / pneumatic tools, car manufacturing, car washing as well as shipbuilding industries.

CHIBIN one-way shutoff quick coupling has categorized into 5 series.
(1) One Touch Type-Safety Series: One-hand operation to reach automatic locking mechanism; patent protection.
(2) One Touch Type-Mini Series: Compact design is suitable for medical equipment and device.
(3) One Touch Type: One-hand operation is easier thank traditional type for installation.
(4) Traditional Type: Two-hand installation; widely used in market.
(5) Peripheral Products: Various type of (swivel) manifold circular, air blow gun and PU Coil Tube. Above products are in comparable with Japanese (C type) quick couplings.

●A full range of standard fittings in stock to meet your urgent needs
●High Quality and competitive price
●Provide the design, production, and assembly of custom products
●Good service attitude, flexible communication
●A wide range of product lines

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