Traditional One-Way Shutoff Quick Couplings Male Plug (SUS)

Traditional One-Way Shutoff Quick Couplings Male Plug (SUS) / CHIBIN is a manufacturer of stainless pipe fittings and provide one-stop service from sample, design, manufacturing, inspecting and also custom products.

One Touch Safety Quick Couplings

One Touch Safety Quick Couplings

One-Way Shutoff Quick Couplings (one touch type and safety series) feature safety function and one touch connection.

Push-in Pneumatic Fittings

Push-in Pneumatic Fittings

Push-in Pneumatic Fittings include stainless Speed Controller.


40-Year Traditional One-Way Shutoff Quick Couplings Male Plug (SUS) Manufacturer - CHIBIN Machine

Based in Taiwan, CHIBIN Machine Co., Ltd., since 1980, is a Traditional One-Way Shutoff Quick Couplings Male Plug (SUS) | stainless steel pipe fittings supplier. Specialized in medical and semiconductor industries and the main products, including tube fitting, compression fitting, rapid pneumatic fitting, push-in pneumatic fitting, hydraulic fitting, high pressure pipe fitting, quick coupling, nozzle, needle valve, etc.

Pipe Fittings that are ISO certified and TTQS awarded. Internal standards using random inspection based on the U.S. military MIL-STD-105E specifications. More than 10,000pcs of standard products are in ready stock. Custom products are up to 3,000pcs. CHIBIN Machine provides one-stop service in developing, designing, manufacturing, and assembling, as well as custom solutions to achieve high standards from worldwide clients.

CHIBIN Machine has been offering customers high-quality pipe and tube fittings since 1980, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, CHIBIN Machine sures each customer's demands are met.

Traditional One-Way Shutoff Quick Couplings Male Plug (SUS)


Traditional One-Way Shutoff Quick Couplings Male Plug (SUS)
Traditional One-Way Shutoff Quick Couplings Male Plug (SUS)

Stainless One-Way Shutoff Quick Couplings (traditional type) - Male Socket and Plug- are suitable for use in air compressor, pneumatic tools, automobile, car washing and shipbuilding industry. A shut-off valve in the socket prevents fluid loss in case of disconnection. Moreover, it's two-hand required for operation of plugs and sockets without turning off the air source switch. Traditional type enables quick connection and disconnection of the fluid to reach the air-tight seal.

One-way shutoff quick coupling type include one touch and tradition. One touch and traditional type include male thread, female thread, PU and hose series.

There are a few different materials, including SUS316, SUS304, steel, and nylon with glass fiber. Stainless features durability, corrosive resistance, high and low temperature resistance as well as anti-oxidation. Steel features longer life than products on the market. Heat treated plugs enhance the impact resistance; hardness up to HRC45 ~ 50. Nylon66 features light weight, drop resistance, toughness, not easy to oxidize, weak acid and alkali resistance, suitable for water.

Quick Couplings, also known as quick connect and disconnect couplings, quick release couplings, include one-way shutoff, two-way shutoff and two-way shutoff (grease type), one touch quick coupling, straight through type, and camlock type.


  • Durability.
  • Corrosion Resistance.
  • High and Low Temperature Resistance.
  • Anti-oxidation.

Technical Data

Working Pressure: 15 kgf/cm²
Thread Size (PT): 1/8" ~ 1"
Seal Material: NBR, Viton
Material: SUS304, 316



PM One-Way Shutoff Quick Coupling Male Plug (SUS)
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